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Reef Dives

Tutuba Point is located on the northern tip of Tutuba Island with depth ranging from 8 -- 24 m Drop into the water from the boat and enjoy a vista of canyons and coral ,caves and swim throughs. unbelievable visibility makes this dive a "must do" Reef sharks, Lobsters, Dolphins, turtles and an abundance of fish life need to be seen to be believed.
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Palakula Point This headland can be accessed by boat or as a shore dive depending on weather conditions. It is a pristine skirting reef 5-20m that is a living example of coral growth in the tropics. Plate corals, bombies and canyons completely cover the whole headland offering endless opportunity to explore and discover. Huge groper, lobsters, bass and turtles thrive in this area.
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Richards Place  is a newly discovered and unexplored seamount in the middle of Aore Bay only accessible by boat. Depth ranges from 10 -- 27m. Huge gardens of staghorn coral hide a multitude of fish species .Every turn has something new to offer including turtles, reef shark & large schools of fish that follow you around beautiful coral gardens.
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Cindies Reef Located at the end of Aore Point and ranges from 5-30m.Surrounded by steep drop off into 100m this reef has large areas of hard corals scattered amongst bombie heads and is home to thousands of fish providing fantastic opportunity for photographers.
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Aore Wall Sheltered from prevailing winds in the Segond channel,this site ranges from 5 -- 25m It consists of a verticle wall covered in hard corals.fans,trigger fish and passing pelagics.This dive is very relaxing,drifting gently in the current taking in all the nooks and crannies in the wall.The micro life in this area is unique to the channel and is unsurpassed in colour and diversity making it ideal for the camera buff.
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Million Dollar Point during the winding down of WW2 the Americans bulldozed thousands of trucks,jeeps and equipment into the channel.You can inspect the remains of historic vehicles and memorabilia littering the bottom Dive ranges from 5-30m and provides a great peek into the past
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Spy Plane Wreck Located at the edge of the drop off into the Segond channel on Aore Island This single seater rests on the bottom broken into three sections. The propellor blades give an indication of the impact. A multitude of of small fish species live inside the twisted wreckage all around the area corals, fish and bombies tempt the photographer.
Sub Nets Follow the submarine nets which now lie on the bottom from 1 -- 90m. The macro life and fish that have made their homes in amongst the twisted links are fascinating. They give you an insight into the diversity and tenacity of life in the Pacific. Continue on and find a garden of Gorganian fans feeding in the current. They provide a great backdrop for photos of your Dive Group.
Jessica's and Charles Reef These two reefs lie close together on the leeward side of Tutuba Island ranging from 3 -- 25m they are a spectacular wonderland of colourful coral, all species of tropical fish, amazing bombie’s, coral formations and gutters.
Take your time to explore the swim throughs and enjoy the great visibility.
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Discovery Dives We will take you out in a boat to new areas that show promise of isolated reefs and drop offs. We will sound the area out ascertain current direction and strength, place your group in the water with our Dive Leader and you can explore with the luxury of knowing the vessel is following your course and will be there when you surface .Its a great chance to be the first to discover new ground and amazing marine life.
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Each double diver is provided with refreshments during the surface interval. On most occassions it can be enjoyed on a tropical sandy beach with lots of shady trees.