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Fish Feeding experience

This is an absolute must for the non diving member of the group or family. No bulky equipment is needed and absolutely no experience is necessary. We will fit you with a mask and booties, special dive belt and built in regulator which allows you complete freedom of movement We then walk into the shallow water in our tranquil bay where the undersea vista of coral and fish awaits you. You can just admire the view and hand feed a huge variety of tropical fish that surround you. We will provide a photograph of you and your group actually under the water so you know you were not dreaming. Afterwards our package can include a beautiful, relaxing resort lunch. This is suitable for all the family over 12 years.

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Discover Scuba
The most popular activity in our beautiful tropical enviroment is scuba diving. One of mankinds dreams is to breath under the water and explore the unknown. Believe it or not everybody can have the opportunity to accomplish this. We can offer you the chance to go for a dive in clear warm tropical water with a depth range from only one to ten meters. You will receive professional preliminary instruction prior to entering the water to waist depth .When you are feeling comfortable and ready we will then take you on an amazing journey into the realm of the fish. You can see all that this world has to offer including a huge variety of fish and coral formations. No previous experience is required. Our professional instructor will guide through this highly memorable excursion beneath the waters of Espiritu Santo. We will also provide a photo and certificate for you and your family so the memory will never been forgotten.

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Snorkeling Tours
Many of these beautiful islands here in Vanuatu have the most colourful and diverse lifeforms in the Pacific region. Most of these live in the first 3 meters soaking up the sun’s rays. Millions of fish also live in these areas. The magic of this enviroment can only be properly explored using the snorkel and mask due to the shallow depths. We can provide you with the necessary equipment if required. We will pick up your group and transport you by boat to beach’s and reefs that can be enjoyed by all the family. We can also provide refreshments on the day. Sit back on a pristine beach and enjoy the best that Vanuatu has to offer. Our local professional Ni Van staff will answer all your questions on culture and the local enviroment making your holiday a memorable one.

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Scuba Diving Course

Learn to dive

At Santo Island Dive we can teach you to dive in a safe, friendly and completely professional enviroment. The clear warm tropical waters of Espititu Santo are the perfect place to begin your adventures under the seas. While on holiday take the opportunity to learn to dive with SSI (Scuba Schools International).We offer the highest standard of education in the diving industry ensuring that you will enjoy a lifetime of diving pleasure.

Our openwater dive course takes 4 --- 5 days to complete depending on the amount of time you wish to devote to it. Theory study is done with self teach aids (a comprehensive manual & DVD )This allow you to complete the study at a pace & time that suits you. Six dives with our professional instructors will give you all the skills & confidence that you require to join the thousands of people world wide enjoying the magic beneath the surface.

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Recognized world wide & valid for a lifetime

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